As a Dog Lover, your dogs wellbeing comes above all other things whilst he is in our care.

We don’t have any crates, dogs are very much treated as we would like to be treated ourselves !

I run an appointments only system so there will never be lots of dogs in my salon at one time..thereby helping to maintain a calm environment for your dog. I absolutely want your dog to enjoy his pampering, not to dread it.

If your dog is nervous or elderly, I will tailor his groom to his needs…if he hates the table, I will try to groom him on the floor..if he hates the noise of the dryer I will try a special hoodie to muffle the noise, if he’s terrified of the clippers..I will try to just use scissors….Please be assured that I will always endeavour to do the best for your little furry friend.

Please do call me to talk through any concerns you may have. 07952 592609