Grooming Packages

We have several packages available, and can absolutely tailor what we do to suit you and your dogs needs. Above all else, I believe a groom should be what is best for our furry friends. Prior to each groom I give a free consultation so that between us we can decide what will best suit the lifestyle, age and coat maintenance requirements for you and your dog. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your requirements.

FULL GROOM…from £30 dependent on breed and condition of coat
* Personal Consulation
* Bath with luxury Shampoo
* Hand Blow Dry (Cages / Cabin Dryers not used)
* Considerate, Kind Removal of dead hair and knots
* Clipping, trimming, scissoring to suit requirements
* Hygiene area clipped
* Paw – Pedicure
* Perfume and Finishing Touches
Cuddles Throughout

*Personal Consultation
*Shower in Walk In Shower
*Hand Blow Dry ( Cages / Cabin Dryers Not Used)
*Considerate, Kind Removal of Undercoat
*Hygiene area Clipped
*Paw – Pedicure
*Perfume and Finishing Touches
*Cuddles Throughout

FRESHEN UP …from £20 dependent on breed and condition of coat
* Personal Consultation
* Bath with luxury Coconut Shampoo
* Hand Blow Dry ( Cages/ Cabin Dryers not used)
* Nail Clipping if required
* Considerate,Kind Removal of knots and dead hair
* Hygiene areas clipped
Cuddles Throughout

Just Nails….from £8
Just a Bath & Dry ( If you’ve had a muddy adventure!! ) ….£15

4 Replies to “Grooming Packages”

  1. Hi, my dog Rafa (Bischon x Poodle) is in desperate need of a grooming. I’m not sure how busy you are but If possible I would like to get him groomed some time this week.

  2. Hi Martin,
    I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to your message…I’m very new to this whole website thing and so didn’t realise any messages had been left. If you are in need of a groomer again, I would love to groom your little dog. I will always endeavour to fit dogs in with short notice. Sorry Again, Lisa x

  3. Hi Lisa,
    We have a chocolate labradoodle ( not curly, and a schnoodle (toy poodle/mini schnauzer, who are in desperate need of full groom.
    Unfortunately their regular groomer, of several years now had to give up, due to ill health
    Came across your website and feel you would be right for Maisy and Rosie.
    Do you have any spaces before Christmas to do both of them. Or some time soon after , as they have missed one grooming session already, and definitely due one now.
    Could you let me know.


    1. Hi, Thank you so much for your message. I would be thrilled to meet Maisy and Rosie and of course to groom them. I have a labradoodle myself so am a little bit in love with them all !!
      I’m really sorry but I am absolutely chocka until Christmas ( Everybody wants their dogs groomed next week !!), but January is much quieter. Im hoping to have the Christmas week off and to start again on 3rd… I have 2 slots free together on Monday 8th at 12.15 or 9th at 12.00. Are either of these any good for you?
      If I get any cancellations sooner though I will definitely let you know. Could you please send me a text as I check my messages very frequently during the day so would be able to inform you of any cancellations quicker that way.
      Thank You again for contacting me, I look forward to meeting you all. Lisa xx

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